RUSSELL STOLZOFF, Certified Advanced Rolfer™

Lead Instructor

Russell Stolzoff has devoted his professional life to elevating his skills as a practitioner and teacher. He first encountered Rolfing Structural Integration in 1983 as a classroom client. The transformational impact of that experience led him to pursue his training at the Rolf Institute. He became a Certified Rolfer in 1989, a Certified Advanced Rolfer in 1998 and earned his Rolf Movement Certification in 2000. Russell has also completed additional studies in the Somatic Experiencing method of trauma resolution and Bodynamic Analysis, a Danish method of developmental body psychotherapy. In 2002 Russell became a Rolf Institute instructor and he currently chairs the Rolf Institute’s faculty oversight committee. Since 2010 Russell has worked extensively with professional athletes. He lives and practices in Bellingham, Washington.

SARA J. BAYER, Certified Advanced Rolfer™, DAOM


Sara J. Bayer has been in private practice and teaching at schools of acupuncture and oriental medicine for over thirty years. She became a Certified Rolfer™ in 2004, a Certified Advanced Rolfer™ in 2010 and a Rolf Movement Practitioner™ in 2015.  She received her certificate of Acupuncture in 1986 and her Doctorate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in 2014.  Her special focus is musculoskeletal pain. She has assisted in teaching two prior Rolfing training courses. Of all her education, Rolfing Structural Integration training provided her with the most significant expansion of knowledge relevant to clinical practice.