Admission Requirements

The following are required before beginning Accelerated Foundations of Rolfing Structural Integration:

  1. Completion of a minimum 250-hour bodywork program. Students must submit an official transcript that shows at least 47 hours of Anatomy, 21 hours of Physiology, 45 hours of Massage or other approved touch training, and 15 hours of Therapeutic Relationship.

  2. 50 documented hours of post-graduate massage practice experience or comparable clinical experience.

Questions about your qualifications? Contact us to see if you meet the requirements for the Bellingham program. 

To Apply

  1. Submit one of the following:

    1. Official academic transcript showing at least 60 credit hours at an institution of higher education.


    2. High School diploma or equivalent AND

      Official documentation verifying equivalent coursework and success in an adult education program.

      Please note: AFORSI students may use their massage school transcript to satisfy the requirement for equivalent adult education coursework.

  2. Submission of a written 2-3 page personal life experience essay. Please contact the Admissions Department for the essay questions and requirements.

  3. Completion and approval of an application and required enrollment forms.

  4. Submission of a resume and solo headshot photograph (for identification purposes).

  5. Verification of having received the Rolfing Ten-Series from a Certified Rolfer.

    – At least the first 3 sessions completed by the start of Phase I.

    – Ten-Series completed by the start of Phase II.

  6. $50 Application fee. (Fee will be refunded if student is either not admitted or has not signed an enrollment agreement.)

  7. International Students: Please indicate the need for an I-20/M-1 Visa and submit completed packet no later than 60 days prior to class start date.

Please Note: An interview may be required to complete some applications.