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Rolfing® SI BasicTraining

Northwest Washington Rolfing® Training click here to see dates

With this Northwest Washington training massage therapists, bodyworkers, and other professionals can become Certified Rolfing® Structural Integration practitioners. Our new modular program makes it possible to train close to home without missing long stretches of work. Previously, Rolfing certification training was available only through an intensive course format in Boulder, Colorado.  The new program in Northwest Washington State offers qualified professionals the opportunity to complete their training close to home.

 View the course listing on the Rolf Institute® website. 

Accelerated Format: 

  • 600 – Hour training program comprised of in-person, online and home study .

  • Feb. – Dec. 2018 – Designed for career professionals with a license or training in complementary therapies (see prerequisites for admission to the program).

You will learn:

  • Structure and function – Anatomy, physiology and kinesiology from the unique holistic perspective of Rolfing® Structural Integration

  • Manual skills and fascial manipulation techniques required to perform Rolfing® Structural Integration 

  • Rolfing® Structural Integration principles and theory

  • Body reading – How to recognize and assess structural and functional patterns

  • How to perform the Rolfing 10-Series and Rolf Movement® sessions

  • Practice building techniques – how to structure and navigate a therapeutic relationship

  • Professional ethics